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1. Getting to know Sauveterre

During this drive you will get a first general impression of the riches this beautiful region has to offer: a patchwork of vineyards, interspersed with beautiful wine castles, wine farms, beautifully restored country houses and remote ancient villages, built around churches dating back to the English era.

2. Le Monségurais

This ride takes you via the Abbey of Sainte. Ferme to the town of Monségur in the valley of the Dropt. You will notice from the change in the landscape about 10 km outside Sauveterre that we are on our way to the department of Lot-et-Garonne. Here the vineyards give way gradually to forests and fertile valleys, large farms, apple, plum and nut orchards and a few vineyards again around Monségur.

3. Rauzan Castle and La Grotte Célestine

A shorter ride on very quiet roads, through picturesque villages and along the Lac de Laubesc to the Courpiac. The highlight is a visit to Rauzan, its castle ruins and its grotto.

4. The Abbey of La Sauve

We begin our journey through a series of picturesque villages such as Coirac, St. Genis du Bois, Cantois, and Soulignac before arriving at the imposing abbey of La Sauve. The return trip is along the  Roger Lapébie cycle path which runs from Bordeaux to Sauveterre.

5. Through the valley of the Vignague

A wonderful ride in which we largely follow the course of the Vignague; in winter a churning and savage river, in summer reduced to a humble brook. As with the other rivers in the region, you will also find a few water mills along the Vignague.

6. Through the valley of the Engranne

A ride through the valley of the Engranne through the villages of Romagne, Faleyras , Grézillac, Guillac and Daubèze.

7. St Emilion

A beautiful ride: on quiet road. We cycle past countless vineyards, abbeys, medieval churches, ancient villages and beautiful wine castles to the Dordogne. Afterwards we follow the river and cycle over the iron bridge to Castillon-la-Bataille. Once we are on the other side we follow the river valley to St. Emilion.

8. Along the Canal de la Garonne

A very scenic drive via Saint-Sulpice-de-Pommier, Castelviel, St-Laurent-du-Bois and Ste-Foy-la-Longue to the Garonne in Caudrot. Then along the Canal de la Garonne in the shade of the the trees to La Réole and, from there, back to Sauveterre.

9. A tour between the wine castles of Pomerol

Pomerol and its castles are so beautiful – even for non-wine lovers – that we couldn't resist building a route around them.

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